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I have two questions to ask of those who are in charge of running Hernando County and seeing to it that we have the infrastructure to be able to move comfortably around as needed.

1. How can we allow Wal-Mart, or any other entity, to move in and build at a site that will ruin our being able to drive because we do not have the roads to sustain the traffic in these areas? We need controlled growth, and zoning from two decades ago does not apply today.

2. There are many towns and counties that do not allow Wal-Marts or other large stores to be built in their areas, so why do we have to be saturated with them every few miles? We have enough and do not need to add to our congestion and inability to get out of our housing developments.

Our quality of life is quickly going down the tubes, thanks to those who do not have the forethought to see what is happening. We have been a knee-jerk-reaction county and it must stop. Don't tell me it was approved for this type of zoning in 1983, etc. The entire world changes daily and stricter codes need to be enforced here, as is in the rest of our great nation. If you think nothing can be done regarding zoning passed years ago, take your heads out of the sand now.

Once these commercial buildings are built in congested and residential areas there is no knee-jerk reaction that can help our county officials protect the future for all of us.

Judith A. Waller, Spring Hill

Brown-Waite's office was big help

I believe there is a tendency in this country to believe that elected representatives, both at the local level and at the national level, do little for the people they represent. I had a recent experience that has shown me the care and dedication of U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite and her staff in the Brooksville office.

I applied for Social Security last November, expecting to start receiving my payments in January. I was sent a form to fill out, which was for officers in a corporation. I own a small part of a very small business, started by my wife and myself (she owns the great majority) to provide additional income during retirement. Sometime after sending it in (January), I received a form from Social Security stating that my benefits were suspended because my income was too high. They filled in $99,999 as my income for 2007. Were I making anywhere near that I would not have retired.

In any case, I called the Social Security 800 number a number of times and was told the error would be corrected. This took about another month. Finally, I was told I was not being granted retirement because they doubted I actually retired. I actually had retired from a university after 33 years of full-time employment.

In a fit of frustration, I contacted the Brooksville office of Rep. Brown-Waite in early February. They looked into my situation with Social Security and made some suggestions, which I followed. Eventually, in July, I was notified I would be receiving my Social Security check, as well as back payments from January.

I am convinced that the efforts of Rep. Brown-Waite and her staff were the key factor in making headway with the Social Security office. Her Brooksville staff contacted me several times during the process and, in fact, I learned that my payments from Social Security were approved through a phone call from Rep. Brown-Waite's office a week before I heard it from Social Security.

I encourage anyone having a problem with a government agency to contact their local representative. They can help.

George M. Dooris, Brooksville

Greed is eroding our quality of life

Wal-Mart is at it again. They now want four or five supercenters in the Brooksville-Spring Hill area. Of course, all must be located at, or near, busy intersections, similar to the ones at Spring Hill Drive and Mariner Boulevard.

If they have their way, we can become Wal-Mart County and our county seat will not be Brooksville, but Bentonville, Ark.

Wake up, Hernando County! Stop the greed.

E.H. Fontana, Spring Hill

Wish we could tell full story of soldier - July 23 Bill Stevens column

Americans fought soldiers, not Nazis

Stevens' column wishes us to believe that American soldiers in Europe during World War II were fighting and "killing Nazis."

American soldiers probably were killing Nazis, but usually they referred to the enemy as German soldiers.

Americans, at the time, might have believed, based on their indoctrination, that the enemy was motivated by Nazi doctrines, since the war indeed was instigated by the Nazi political party.

But, the point should be - and Stevens, a reputable reporter, should realize it - in the field, the Germans were very difficult, tenacious adversaries and as such were regarded as combatants, as soldiers, not as political ideologues, which is what the term Nazi is supposed to convey.

Perhaps the veteran Stevens honored in his column did, in fact, refer to his enemy in Belgium as Nazis, but that's not explicit, nor is it easily inferred from a general knowledge of the war, except perhaps through a review of the comic book literature of the time.

Steven Greenia, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico