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It's 1997 and the family is in a room in Texas, waiting for the murderer to die. He killed their Jennifer. Jeremy was the one who found his sister's body. He was 8 when she died on Jan. 20, 1988.

There was room for only one family member to witness the execution, so dad Tom Colhouer went inside. But Jeremy was angry. He wanted to see the man die. He sat in the room with his mother, Cheryl, and little sister, Megan, while Michael Lee Lockhart was executed - for Jennifer's murder and two others. Lockhart was a monster, a sadist, and Jeremy had years of nightmares.

Jeremy became a fierce protector. He became a Pasco County sheriff's deputy. He patrols the same Land O'Lakes neighborhood where he grew up. He lives with his parents close to their old home.

The murder of Jennifer Colhouer was one of the most heinous crimes in Pasco history.

A young drifter with a stolen Corvette caught Jennifer home alone after school. Lockhart got inside the house. Lockhart chased Jennifer upstairs and raped and strangled her. Then he disemboweled her and left.

Jeremy found her.

Megan was first arrested when she was 12 years old, on a larceny charge.

"It was all tied in to Jennifer," said her mother, Cheryl Colhouer, in a Times story in 1997.

Through the years, Megan was arrested on charges of battery and several times on charges of theft.

In 2004, Megan married Richard Ohnmacht - a man with his own lengthy criminal history.

Megan had three children. Her parents have custody.

Nearly a year ago, Megan moved to a mobile home at the Riverboat Nudist Club in Land O'Lakes. Neighbors say she came there alone and pregnant.

Megan, 23, had the baby, who was then given to her parents. Megan's mother visited regularly. Neighbors also say that Megan visited her children often. On Saturday, she spent the day with them and cooked them dinner. She came home very happy.

She had been drinking heavily Tuesday night, said a friend, Dave Coleman. He said another friend helped Megan to bed and that she dropped a cigarette, which began to burn. But the friend picked it up, put it out and said goodbye.

About 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, the Dutchmen trailer was engulfed by fire. Residents tried to get Megan and her chihuahua, Prissy, out, but the flames were too intense.

They both died.

Times researcher Angie Drobnic Holan contributed to this report.

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