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Two domesticated elephants went on a rampage through several villages in northeastern India, killing eight people and injuring five before being shot dead by police, officials said Thursday. Angry villagers protesting the lack of protection burnt down the local forestry office. The rampage occurred Wednesday in an area bordering India's Assam and Mizoram states, said Gautam Ganguly, a senior government official in the area. The male and female elephants ran through at least five villages in Assam, trampling anyone in their way and knocking down several of the mud-and-thatch houses before crossing into the state of Mizoram, where police were called. Local government officials said the families of the dead would receive $1,250. The Press Trust of India news agency said the incident started when the male was hit on the head by a falling log while the pair worked.


Police seize bull from monastery

Police seized a sacred bull from a Hindu monastery in Wales on Thursday, cutting locked gates and dragging away protesters before taking the animal for slaughter because he had tested positive for tuberculosis. The plight of Shambo the bull attracted worldwide attention after the diagnosis this spring and prompted the Skanda Vale monastery to create an Internet petition campaign to try to save him. Hindus revere cattle and say killing the bull violates their religious rights. Swami Suryananda, one of Shambo's caretakers, said officials "committed the most violent and ignorant act of desecration of our temple and destroyed an innocent life."


Moscow: The European Court of Human Rights issued an unusually harsh rebuke of the Russian government on Thursday, suggesting that its failure to prosecute soldiers responsible for a massacre in Chechnya showed indifference. The court ordered Russia to pay damages of nearly $200,000 to five family members of 11 people killed on Feb. 5, 2000.

Bogota, Colombia : Colombian investigators have arrested three people allegedly involved in recruiting recently retired army officers to work for the country's largest drug cartel, authorities said Thursday.

Madrid: Human Rights Watch accused Spain on Thursday of keeping more than 900 migrant African children in appalling conditions on the Canary Islands, including windowless "punishment" cells where they are beaten and denied access to toilets.

Manado, Indonesia: A powerful earthquake rocked eastern Indonesia on Thursday. The quake, which had a magnitude of 6.9, triggered a brief tsunami warning.