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Top 10 Decorating Don'ts from the August Domino magazine (and of course we'd never do any of these):

- Overdoing it - too much of everything.

- Hanging pictures too high.

- Hanging curtains too low. (Mount the rod high above the window to make the window look larger.)

- Imposing a style that doesn't belong. (Santa Fe style looks great - in New Mexico.)

- Too-bright overhead lighting. You need lighting at table level around the room.

- Matchymatchymatchy. Include at least one unexpected element.

- Pairs of everything. Unless you're loading up Noah's Ark, two by two isn't always the way to go.

- Monotony of scale. Create a mix of tall and short, big and small.

- Beds or sofas on the diagonal. It's too, too designer-y.

- Decorating for someone else's life. You have a dog and you eat takeout every night. So what's with the white rugs and formal dining room?

And ditch the red coral, too

Postscript from Domino, with apologies to all of you who just went out and bought branches of red coral with which to decorate: They are so five minutes ago. ("Even though I use them myself," designer Suzanne Rheinstein admits.)

From glossy pages to studio lights

If you enjoy the magazine, take a look at the TV show. Real Simple, at 11 a.m. today on WUSF-Ch. 16, teaches yoga stretches; prepares some classic side dishes; offers advice on how to be a successful female boss; and makes imaginative candleholders.

He said, she said, on home decor

Tonight at 10 on the cable channel WE, She's Moving In follows New York couples as they try to resolve their decorating differences when the girlfriend moves in with the boyfriend. You wonder what other major lifestyle differences they haven't ironed out. We could be really snarky and say that any guy who's hanging onto a Guinness beer mirror and any girl who insists on a fuzzy chair in the shape of a spiked heel aren't old enough to be cohabiting. Host Peggy Bunker and designers Cat Wei, Mark Montano and Nicole Faciotti come to the rescue.

Compiled by Homes and Garden editor Judy Stark