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Published Jul. 31, 2007

If you were one of the 105 drivers caught speeding earlier this month on Clearwater-Largo Road, chances are you harbor resentment toward Largo police's recent crackdown on those with a lead foot. But even if you weren't in that group, have you wondered what happens to your money after you pay off that pesky citation? After all, police officers write tickets to fill their quotas and fund their departments, right? Not quite. Law enforcement agencies get only a small piece of your ticket's pie. So, where does the money go? Take a look.

$37.72 County clerk

$25.36 Courts

$17.61 State's general fund

$43.43 Municipality*

$17.50 Law enforcement, including $12.50 for county government's radio communications, $3 for state law enforcement's radio communications and $2 for police standards

$14.88 Trauma/rehab services

$4 Other

17,032 Number of speeding citations issued by Pinellas sheriff's deputies in 2006**

10,486 Number issued so far in 2007**

*Tickets issued within city limits go to designated municipality. In unincorporated areas, money goes to the county.

**These numbers are only from the Pinellas Sheriff's Office and do not include individual municipalities' numbers.

Note: Amounts are based on a $160.50 ticket - the standard penalty for going 10 to 14 miles above a speed limit in Pinellas County.