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Re: Ticking time bombs - special report, July 22.

I, too, assumed mobile homes were too dangerous, especially in Florida. But after searching for months trying to find an affordable home, I realized the only home I could afford was a mobile home.

Reluctantly, I began inquiring and I sure am glad I did. I learned that today's mobile home (a.k.a. modular or manufactured home) is much stronger and better made than the early ones and meets all kinds of strict weather requirements. Plus, you have an instant house instead of waiting around for one to be built.

I also found out that Pinellas County has a large concentration of mobile homes because this is considered a safe zone. There has not been a hurricane here in over half a century!

My home is as big as a house and cost only $10,000. Some are even less. Mobile home parks also have pools you don't have to clean, yards you don't have to maintain, free water. Mine even has a fitness center, business/financial center, library, lake for fishing, clubhouses, shuffleboard, horseshoes, pot-lucks, parties, picnics, games, classes, field trips and a lot more. And park rent includes taxes!

Where else can you get a bargain like this? What a gift from God! I love it!

Barbie King, Dunedin

Re: Ruckus about barking ends plan for kennel - story, July 26.

No dogs barking from the kennel

I am so tired of people who have money thinking they can push around anyone they want. I live in the neighborhood near the Sheldegren kennel and I never hear the dogs barking. I also board my dogs at the kennel and even when I am there I hear very little barking.

These people who live in Signature Estates say they want quality of life and they don't want the kennel intruding on their life. Maybe they should have thought about that before buying a million-dollar house next to the kennel in the first place. This kennel was built 30 years before the development was.

What about the parties they have and their children screaming in the pool or playing outside? That ruins my quality of life. You don't see me running to the county or the police complaining about them, do you!

Get a life! Dogs are just like humans. They just use a different way of communicating.

Lisa Gabrelcik, Safety Harbor

Obituary change not a good move

Having lived in several major cities and having access to pretty decent newspapers (New York Times, Boston Globe, Chicago, Denver, USA Today), the St. Petersburg Times remains one of my most pleasurable reading experiences. Until recently.

This latest change to the obituaries is counter productive and difficult follow and read. I don't have a need to see all of St. Petersburg or Treasure Island's obits, when I only have friends and family in North Pinellas.

Please go back to categorizing by county/city. Much easier.

The small print on the comics has already been beaten to death, but it was another ill-thought-out idea. I don't even try to read the comics any longer.

A letter writer put it best: If it ain't broke, why fix it? We had the best national local paper I have had the privilege to read. Please reconsider!

Robert Prescott, Tarpon Springs