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Q: My 43-year-old daughter, "Wendy," three granddaughters and son-in-law, "Todd," have been guests in my house for six months. Last February, Wendy called to say they were being evicted for nonpayment of rent. She said they would be homeless if I didn't let them come to my home for a while. I agreed to let them be guests in my home for three months, provided she and Todd both got jobs and saved for a rental during that time.

After three months, I reminded them they needed to move into a place of their own. Todd has produced a short film for which he was paid, and Wendy is working in a retail store. I had virtually become a maid in my own home, babysitting for them because Todd works out of the area much of the time and Wendy works evenings and weekends.

My daughter told me they had saved no money and couldn't move. I find it strange, since I haven't asked for any rent while they have been with me. I agreed they could stay two more months if they would actually save the money they were earning. I also suggested they sell one of their expensive cars. At the end of that time, they still had done none of the above.

It has now been six months since they moved in. Wendy has become verbally abusive, and I have become extremely nervous. At times I fear for my safety. Am I being unreasonable in demanding they leave?

Fed-Up Grandmother

A: You have been more than generous with your freeloading daughter and her husband. They are taking advantage of your generosity and will continue to do so.

I am particularly concerned because you say that the level of hostility in your household is escalating. Please pick up the phone and ask the operator for the number of your nearest area agency on aging. You may need help to accomplish the eviction of your daughter and her family, and I advise that you seek it immediately.

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