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Published Jul. 31, 2007

(From the Buzz)

Presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney are expressing doubts about a YouTube-style debate Sept. 17 in St. Petersburg. Here are a few comments:

"Romney is correct. The Democrats are not serious enough. The so-called 'people' who do YouTube are uneducated rabble and do not deserve his time."

"The Republican candidates are afraid of the people, afraid someone might ask 'What is your personal sacrifice for this war in Iraq?' Afraid someone might ask 'What is your health coverage like?'"

Military affairs

(From Standing By)

"I cheated on every boyfriend I ever had, but have never even been tempted to cheat on my husband - even though he's been deployed for over half our marriage and I live in a town with a 25:1 male/female ratio!"