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Advertisements aimed at convincing young people not to smoke are most effective when the ads convince youth that their friends are paying attention to the ads. Otherwise, the ads appear to stimulate the rebellious and curious nature of the young people, making them more interested in smoking. Researchers examined survey data from nearly 1,700 middle school students and found that, overall, the more students were exposed to antismoking messages, the more inclined they were to smoke. "People are more likely to listen to what their close peers say than what the media says," said Hye-Jin Paek, professor at the University of Georgia.

Flaxseed: A role in prostate health

The edible flaxseed is effective in halting prostate tumor growth, according to a multi-university research project. Flaxseed, similar to sesame seeds, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber-related compounds known as lignans. The researchers theorize these may interrupt the events that lead cells to divide irregularly and become cancerous.

Online bulletin for cancer patients

CancerCare, a nonprofit organization offering professional advice, counseling and financial assistance to patients and their caregivers, has a monthly newsletter online. The organization's home page is

By the numbers

19.9 percent of skin complaints treated by dermatologic surgeons caused by laser hair removal performed by the patient or another inadequately trained person.

13.8 percent of skin complaints resulting from similar attempts at chemical peels.

90 percent of the doctors who had seen at least one patient who had skin cancer either overlooked or misdiagnosed by an untrained practitioner.

Source: American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, whose members are concerned by do-it-yourself beauty treatments

On the calendar

Aug. 10, 5:30 p.m., Pitch for Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Night, a fundraiser that includes a silent auction, before and during the game between the Clearwater Threshers and Daytona Cubs. Sponsored by Morton Plant Mease Health Care to benefit breast cancer programs and its four hospitals. Game tickets are $3 to $8, at the box office or or by calling (727) 467-4457. Bright House Networks Field, 601 Old Coachman Road, Clearwater.