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Re: Ruckus about barking ends plan for kennel, story, July 26, and No dogs barking from the kennel, letter by Lisa Gabrelcik, July 29

I am also tired of people who have money, and I agree totally with Ms. Gabrelcik's letter about the residents at Signature Estates who knew there was a kennel next door that has been there more than 30 years. They must not have been thinking when they signed the papers to buy their houses.

They need to worry more about what is going on inside their home instead of worrying about what is going on outside. Turn a deaf ear on the Sheldegren kennel like you probably do to what is going on in the world.

There are a lot of people out there that like to voice their opinion about trying to stop progress - not just in this situation of expanding the kennels, which would be inside and soundproof, but all kinds of progress. (Just like complaints about the construction around the overpasses on U.S. 19. So what if it is a little inconvenient during the time of construction if it will be a better road to travel on?)

I board my dog, Princess, two days a week because I am not able to walk and give her the exercise she needs. When she is there she gets exercise and has her four-legged (and two-legged) friends to play with. Mary Ann and her staff treat the dogs and cats with all the respect they deserve.

I trust Sheldegren Pet Resort and Spa with my dog's life (and mine). When we had to evacuate when Hurricane Charley was heading our way back in 2004, I took her there (which was much safer than anyplace around). They took good care of all our pets and made sure they were safe from harm's way. If I could have, I would have stayed there instead of the school I went to.

So, dear people at Signature Estates, you need to lighten up, get on with your life and leave the little people alone who are trying to earn a decent living by working their butts off to survive.

You all should get a pet (and I don't mean goldfish); it will make a better person out of you.

Nikki Dodson, Safety Harbor

Re: Trolley to stay off mainland, story, July 27

PSTA bus still goes to the beach

Staff writer Mike Donila's article on how the city of Clearwater is cutting the Jolley Trolley service so that it no longer includes trips to the mainland left out one very important fact: The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority will still be running buses to the beach every 30 minutes from our Park Street Terminal in downtown Clearwater - the same terminal where the Jolley Trolley stopped. That is PSTA's Route 80, which is on pace to carry more than 170,000 riders this year.

I just want to make sure that your readers know that despite the cuts in Jolley Trolley service, they'll still be able to use PSTA to get to and from the beach. Schedules and maps can be viewed at or they can just give us a call at (727) 540-1900.

Bob Lasher, manager of community relations, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority, St. Petersburg

Re: Obituary change not a good move, letter, July 29

We must learn to deal with change

I laughed as I read how one reader expressed his displeasure with the recent changes in the St. Petersburg Times, as we'd just been discussing how we all complain more about a lot of things at this age.

The truth is, as we get older, we hate change, no matter what. We complain about the weather, the number of stairs, people who refuse to move down in the church pews and we have to crawl over them. It's a fact that we are older and think things should stay the same so we don't have our routine upset.

What we need to do is to learn to deal with change, unless it's illegal or hurts someone. Life must go on and it will never stay the same for long if we have progress in this life. How do we deal with getting older, if we can't deal with change?

Fran Glaros-Sharp, Clearwater

Re: Much ado made of mulch choice, story, July 23

Mulch choices are close to home

There is an environmentally-sound mulch choice available to all Pinellas County residents. We have been using recycled yard waste for more than three years now. Those piles of branches, tree limbs and trimmings at the curb on garbage day are picked up and turned into the most beautiful mulch you'll ever find. It's dark, rich, and smells great.

In addition to improving the quality of our soil and providing additional nutrients to our plants, this mulch is free! You can pick up mulch from a number of sites throughout the county if you have a suitable vehicle in which to transport it. (To find a free mulch site near you, check out the list at:

If you don't have a truck, you can do as we do: have the mulch delivered to your driveway in 10-, 20-, or 30-cubic foot truckloads. In Belleair, we get ours delivered from the city of Clearwater for $105 a truckload, regardless of how much we have delivered.

If you want to make a choice that doesn't deplete our natural resources like cypress trees, recycle what you trim right back into your own landscape.

Gail Carroll, Belleair

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