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Looking for a cult to join? Here's a chance to audition for a stage production of The Rocky Horror Show.

Participants and fans of the Beach Theatre's weekly showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show will soon have another opportunity to don their fishnets and vinyl bustiers.

This weekend, Island Community Theatre is holding open auditions for its production of the stage musical that started it all, The Rocky Horror Show, set to run at the Catherine Hickman Theater in Gulfport in October.

The Rocky Horror Show follows unsuspecting college students Brad Majors and his girlfriend, Janet Weiss, into the bizarre musical world of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad-scientist transvestite who tries to draw them into his sexually charged psychedelic dealings.

The 1975 film version of the musical initially flopped. But it gained cult status after movie theaters began showing the film to late-night audiences that act out the scenes and throw props.

The Beach Theatre has been hosting Interchangeable Parts, a group that has performed the midnight showing of the film every Saturday night for the past seven years.

Elaine Cloud Goller, the director of the upcoming production, describes Island Community Theatre as a group built for the TV generation, geared at drawing a younger audience that normally wouldn't attend live theater.

She said the local cult following of the film was one of the draws to produce the musical.

"I've personally never seen this done as a live production and I doubt very many people have. We are looking forward to seeing how people respond to it," Goller said.

She is familiar with the Beach Theatre's weekly showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and expects the cast to make an appearance at her auditions.

"I know some of them will be coming and auditioning," she said, but their experience won't guarantee them a part.

"That's one of the joys of community theater: It gives people who haven't had the opportunity to stretch their thespian wings to try on a new personality."

Ed Schneider, who directs the production at the Beach Theatre, has been involved with the phenomenon for 11 years.

He said some of his cast members would definitely jump at the chance to perform the musical on stage.

"What we do is a lot different than the theater production," said Schneider. "The only edge that we would have is we know all the lines to the movie, which is very similar to the play."

Michael Barron has been one of the Interchangeable Parts for about four years. He looks forward to auditioning for the live production and thinks it will do well. "I think it should, especially if one of our cast members gets involved, because that's a large audience base that we could move over there."

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A role for you?

Auditions for the Island Community Theatre's production of The Rocky Horror Show will be at the Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast Office at 5999 Central Ave., Suite 300, in St. Petersburg at 7 p.m. Sunday and Monday.

For information, call Elaine Cloud Goller at 345-1474 or visit