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Like most people, Gov. Charlie Crist looked a bit like a munchkin standing next to 7-foot-1 Shaquille O'Neal. The governor appeared on the NBA basketball star's television show Shaq's Big Challenge on Tuesday night. Crist wants to encourage children and young adults to adopt healthy lifestyles filled with nutritious foods and exercise. Shaq's show tells the story of six Broward County middle school children struggling with their weight.

No fines if rain does the watering

Recent rains have cut down on the need to water lawns in the Tampa Bay area. The bad news is that residents couldn't water more even if they wanted to. Restrictions that limit lawn watering to once a week will remain in place until at least Sept. 30. The restrictions, which began Jan. 16 because of a water shortage, were supposed to end Tuesday. But the Southwest Florida Water Management District voted Tuesday to extend them because all 16 counties in the district are experiencing an annual average rainfall deficit of almost 12 inches. For more information about water restrictions and schedules, go to or call toll-free 1-800-848-0499.

Mark off No. 3: Chantal churns off

Tropical Storm Chantal strengthened quickly Tuesday between Bermuda and Massachusetts, becoming the third named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, the Associated Press reported. But don't be too concerned, the storm could bring heavy rain to Canada but is not expected to threaten the United States, forecasters said. Its rain was slated to affect Newfoundland late today or early Thursday. The Atlantic hurricane season, which officially runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, averages 11 named storms, with six of them becoming hurricanes and two major hurricanes.

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Leaky cabin may delay shuttle flight

A week before Endeavour's planned liftoff, NASA was analyzing a cabin leak in the space shuttle Tuesday. NASA thought it fixed the problem, which was detected over the weekend, by tightening a loose bolt, but testing Monday night confirmed air was still escaping from the crew cabin, NASA spokeswoman Tracy Young told the Associated Press. Engineers have yet to pinpoint the leak, which could delay the Aug. 7 launch.