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Sunday's headline should have read "Rays Purge Payroll For Poor Pitching'' instead of "Rays Beef Up Bullpen." Wheeler, Balfour and Medlock bring to mind a brokerage house, not a relief corps. The Rays continue to jettison proven talent for prospects. If this continues, the Rays should consider a name change to the Tampa Bay Prospectors. D.E. Kersey, Pinellas Park

Bid of the day

On Tuesday, Brazilian delegates presented their bid to host the 2014 World Cup to FIFA president Sepp Blatter. FIFA will decide on Oct. 30 whether Brazil can host the event. Here's the thing: Brazil is the only country to submit a formal bid. Colombia withdrew its bid in April. Shouldn't this be the easiest decision in World Cup history? And what would it do to Brazil's psyche if it loses a one-horse race?

Decision of the day

Cyclist Patrik Sinkewitz must be very naive. The evening before a doping test, Sinkewitz said he "secretly'' used a testosterone gel on his upper arm to aid recuperation after a tough training day. Lo and behold, he tested positive for steroids. So, he figured he could use a steroid gel in a sport riddled with steroid use and because he put it on when nobody was looking he wouldn't get caught. Amazing.