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Re: Do you prefer quality of life or deep tax cuts? editorial, July 26

The people have contacted their legislators about tax relief. People are hurting financially and yes, the local politicians are "thumbing their noses" at them by using the supermajority vote (to avoid state-mandated budget cuts).

I have an idea. Be responsible with our tax dollars. I live in Largo and see money being spent on planting trees so close on Clearwater-Largo Road that in five years they will be paying someone to take every other tree out!

Sixty-thousand dollars for a memorial to Martin Luther King Jr.? Why not set up private funding and make it a goal to get it done?

Close the library on Sunday? They could close it on a weekday and save a great deal of money.

They have experienced a windfall in the last five years. If they managed our taxes the way responsible people manage their personal funds, the cities would be in sound financial condition. Please care about the people who put you in office.

Richard Eckley, Largo

Knock on door yields true gift

It isn't every day when someone comes to your door and gives you something for nothing. But it happened to me again yesterday. That's right. Again. It also happened last week.

There's a new church in town, Dockside Community Church (for the young at heart, as their card said) on New York Avenue in Dunedin. They have sent volunteers around the neighborhood dispensing little bags of nonperishable food to any and all who answered the knock at the door.

Two guys appeared at my door: one a teenager, one in his early 30s wearing a Yankee hat (which put me at ease). Five bags chock-full of goodies were handed to me with a friendly "Good afternoon."

Like most people, I'm ashamed to say, I suspected they were looking for a donation or wanted to sell me something. No. Believe it or not, they simply wanted to invite me to their new church. The bags of food were simply gifts to express their Christian love and to demonstrate their sincerity.

There was, however, one request. They wanted me to join hands with them and pray to the Lord for my particular intention. No pitch, no scam, nothing to sign.

It is said that we should never look a gift horse in the mouth. Well, I did and saw Christ's modern-day disciples dispensing the love he urged us to share. Unconditionally. No strings attached.

Not that I ever doubted, but Christ was right. You will know these Christians by their love for one another.

Jack Bray, Dunedin

It's simple: Don't dial and drive

Cell phone math:

One cell phone + one automobile = one accident looking for a place to happen.

Are the lobbyists for the cell phone business so strong that we keep shooting down laws to stop cell phone usage while driving?

One cell phone + one automobile = one person oblivious to anything going on around him.

Please, if you need to use your phone while driving, do what we used to do. Pull over and find a safe place that does not put anyone in eminent danger.

M. Sperling, Clearwater

A bargain worth purring about

I recently moved to Florida and one of the first things on my to-do list was to get a pet.

When I lived in Hawaii, it was $45 to adopt a pet and the animal was neutered; that's all.

Was I surprised when the SPCA in Largo charged only $15 for a kitty! Not only did she get spayed, but they also cleaned her teeth, gave her all her shots, tested her for feline leukemia, tattooed her ear and gave me a bag of food, a bag of treats and a carrier. Wow! What a bargain!

Molly Baldwin, Clearwater

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