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THE BAND: Cletis Chatterton, bass and vocals; Jonathan Warzybok, guitar and vocals; and Aaron Walter, drums.

FORMED: March 2005 in St. Petersburg by Warzybok and Walter. Chatterton joined a few months later.

HEAVY NOT METAL: "We're not metal guys. We just have a passion to play heavier music," Warzybok says. "It's more an ethos than a particular music style. It's about being frustrated with how everything is. In a nice way, it's released aggressively."

TIME ON THEIR SIDE: "We're not particularly fast," Warzybok says. "We kind of consider ourselves mid-tempo."

TAKING THEIR TIME: "I think some might look at us and say we're dragging our heels, but at the same time," Walter said, "I think we're making sure it's just right. We've played out for about a year, working out the kinks and getting comfortable with each other. . . . Now we're moving into the second phase, where we're going to release a couple of EPs, tour and play more shows."

DO-IT-YOURSELFERS WANTED: They say they like playing with bands like Dukes of Hillsborough at all-ages venues like Skatepark of Tampa but are disappointed in the lack of DIY support and all-ages venues on their side of the bay. "There's not a viable DIY punk scene here" in St. Petersburg, Warzybok says. "The metal scene is older, elitist guys."

Walter: "There are some bands with people in their late teens and early 20s that are really getting it together - Aghori and Self Ruin."

Warzybok: "A lot of bands we like are in Georgia - Kylesa, Baroness - crusty mid-tempo, punk-influenced."

TOPICAL TREATMENT: "We play a song called Ripe With Plague," Warzybok says. "It's about the Earth reclaiming its glory through national disasters. People tend to be vain and say we're destroying the world. It's just like humans to think they can destroy the Earth. It's a floating rock in space."

NOT SO MACHO: "Metal dudes tend to be homophobes,'' said Warzybok. "We have a problem with that. That whole machismo thing - we're not into that. We can't take ourselves seriously for more than five minutes at a time. For a Halloween show, we wore Daisy Dukes and construction workers' helmets. ... I ride around on a pink bike. I'm just waiting for the day when someone throws a Big Gulp at me."

CHECK 'EM OUT: Friday at 8 p.m. at the Skatepark of Tampa's Transitions Art Gallery, 4215 E Columbus Drive, Tampa. $6. (813) 382-3477.