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Published Aug. 2, 2007

NASA has determined the source of the cabin leak aboard space shuttle Endeavour. The culprit seemed to be one of two pressure-release valves in the crew cabin behind the toilet but separate from the bathroom plumbing. NASA decided late Wednesday afternoon to replace the bad valve with one from space shuttle Atlantis. The newly installed component will be tested today. The shuttle is scheduled to lift off Tuesday for the international space station.


- Jean Fontalvo was charged in November with falsifying a death certificate for a sister who never existed. In a prior case, she was accused of falsifying a death certificate for her still-living husband. A story Wednesday gave incorrect information.

- Iraq is eight hours ahead of Florida. A story in Sunday's Local and State section misstated the difference.

Rule may require entry gate codes

A Hillsborough County ordinance may soon require property managers at gated communities to supply emergency personnel with entrance access codes. Hillsborough County sheriff's officials told county commissioners on Wednesday that deputies have been delayed as long as an hour when responding to calls because the gate codes they had were invalid. Until now, property managers have been supplying codes to law enforcement voluntarily. After the ordinance is drafted, it will come back to the commission for a public hearing before a final vote.