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Mattel apologizes; nearly a million of its Fisher-Price toys made in China are affected.

Wendy Schneider-Fisher is nervous about what toys to buy her children.

"I'm less inclined to buy anything from China," said Schneider-Fisher, of New Albany, Ohio, who was heading into a local Toys "R" Us on Thursday. "And I'm upset our government doesn't do more to stop it."

Schneider-Fisher's comments reflect the quandary many American parents face after the world's largest toy company, Mattel Inc., recalled almost 1-million Chinese-made toys because they may contain lead.

As if fears over contaminated toothpaste, poisoned pet food and faulty tires weren't enough, the latest recall of Chinese-made products has anxious parents rummaging through toy chests to find tainted Big Bird and Dora the Explorer toys.

It also has stressed-out toy companies going through their inventory to see if their products are harmless. And it has China, again, insisting that its products are safe.

On Thursday, Mattel's Fisher-Price brand announced it is recalling 83 types of toys - including the popular Big Bird, Elmo, Dora and Diego characters - because their paint contains excessive amounts of lead. The recall involves 967,000 plastic preschool toys made by a Chinese vendor and sold in the United States between May and August.

Under current U.S. regulations, children's products found to have more than 0.06 percent of lead are subject to a recall.

Mattel apologized Thursday to customers affected by a recall nearly a million toys from its Fisher-Price division and said the move will cut pretax operating income at the world's largest toymaker by $30-million.

"We apologize to everyone affected by this recall, especially those who bought the toys in question," said Robert A. Eckert, Mattel Inc.'s chairman and CEO.


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To determine whether you have toys affected by Mattel's recall, call the company's toll-free recall hot line at 1-800-916-4498 or visit: