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Published Aug. 5, 2007

What's hot: Redfish action has been consistent in local waters. Inside Tampa Bay and the mangrove shorelines have held great numbers of feeding redfish in the 15- to 30-inch range. Proximity to good tidal flow will maximize your chance of finding redfish.

Techniques: Redfish will readily take live or dead bait offerings. The glut of turtle grass die off this time of year, which makes live or dead natural bait a strong option for catching fish when using a lure is very difficult. Lures this time of year pick up floating weeds. Bait used under a tiny float will help keep live bait from diving into the weeds. It will help to cast unweighted bait to areas that are void of floating weed.

Lures are a viable option for cleaner waters. Areas downcurrent or downwind from islands will have sections of water that are shielded from the weeds. Stay shallow for redfish, concentrating on waters that are 6 inches to 2 feet deep. Remember, patience is essential.

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