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England is recovering from its worst flooding in 60 years. Check your itinerary if you're traveling across the pond anytime soon.

London is mostly back to normal from deluge-caused disruptions to its underground rail system and to its airports (141 flights out of Heathrow were canceled on July 20 at the height of the storm).

Worst hit was the county of Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds region on the Severn River, about 112 miles northwest of London. At least 300,000 people were without fresh water there in late July, and tourism officials were advising travelers to avoid the towns of Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and Gloucester. Tourist spots in Gloucestershire include Gloucester Cathedral, which dates to 1089 and is the backdrop for several Harry Potter movie scenes.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Drier-than-normal conditions are forecast for the latter part of August. For current flood updates, go to

Italy is tops with newlyweds

Italy was named the No. 1 honeymoon destination in Modern Bride magazine's annual "World's Best Honeymoons" survey.

The 11th annual survey was conducted through a network of 6,000 luxury travel agents who ranked their 50 favorite honeymoon spots. The results appear in the magazine's August/September issue.

Italy was ranked third on last year's list. This is the first time the country has garnered the top spot on the honeymoon survey.

Second on the list was Hawaii, which was the top destination in the Modern Bride survey for a decade. Tahiti came in third, followed by Costa Rica at No. 4 (up from No. 10 last year), Mexico, France, the Maldives, Anguilla, Fiji and Greece.

In the beginning, a good start

The controversy surrounding the opening of a northern Kentucky museum that teaches the biblical story of creation hasn't hurt it at the box office.

The Creation Museum, above, in Petersburg, Ky., hosted its 100,000th visitor by late July, less than two months after it opened, putting the museum on pace to easily exceed the 250,000 visitors that organizers were hoping to get in the first year.

Evolution is derided at the museum, which is packed with high-tech exhibits designed by an acclaimed theme park artist, animatronic dinosaurs and a huge wooden ark. In this Old Testament version of history, dinosaurs appeared on the same day God created other land animals.