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As told to Jeff D'Alessio of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Chris Anderson, a nationally renowned crisis management expert, gives us the five things Falcons quarterback Michael Vick needs to do to repair his tarnished reputation:

1. Tell the truth. Seems obvious, doesn't it? But in an intense crisis, you'd be surprised how many people do things they'd never do under normal circumstances.

2. Don't hide. It implies guilt. See No. 4.

3. Express genuine concern, empathy and remorse. But only if it's genuine. Despite what your lawyers might say, it doesn't imply guilt. It shows you're human.

4. Control the message. Dedicate your Web site to communicating directly with the fans and others during the crisis. Tell your side of the story. If you don't, others will. Without information, people are left to speculate and rumors run rampant.

5. When the trial is over, begin rebuilding. Apologize sincerely. Make restitution beyond what's required. Open a genuine dialogue with the leading animal welfare experts, and make a long-term commitment to their organizations.

Joining the club

Mets pitcher Tom Glavine notched his 300th win Sunday night. On Saturday, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez hit his 500th home run. Here is a look at some active pitchers and hitters who have a chance to join those elusive clubs in the future.*

300 wins

Don't expect many pitchers to join this club any time soon. Only two active pitchers have an outside chance if they stay healthy.

Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks LHP: Johnson, who turns 44 next month, has 284 wins, but he will have season-ending back surgery that could put his career in doubt. If he can pitch for two more seasons, maybe one, he could join the club.

Mike Mussina, Yankees RHP: He has 246 wins, but he's 38 and seems to be running out of gas.

Pedro Martinez (206) and Kenny Rogers (210) have been out for most of the year with injuries. David Wells (235, 44 years old), Jamie Moyer (225, 44), Curt Schilling (213, 40) and John Smoltz (203, 40) are all too old to stick around for 300.

500 home runs

There are several players who could approach the mark in the next few seasons.

Jim Thome, White Sox: Thome, who turns 37 this month, has 490 homers, so he could join the club this season. If not, he'll certainly do it next year.

Manny Ramirez, Red Sox: At 35, he has 489 and come September could also be adding his name to the list.

Gary Sheffield, Tigers: Tampa's Sheffield, 39, has 478 homers, so realistically, he'll reach 500 in 2008.

Carlos Delgado, Mets: Delgado, 35, has 424, so around 2009 he could add his name to the list.

Mike Piazza, Athletics: He has 422 and has an outside shot of reaching the milestone. Piazza turns 39 on Sept. 4 and could hang on as a designated hitter with the A's.

* Entering Monday's games