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Proposed animal law is just wrongheaded - Aug. 5 editorial

Councilwoman Marilynn DeChant is not the only member of the City Council in violation of the current three-pet limit. Citing my Fifth Amendment rights, I decline to specify how many animals live in my house.

Several on the City Council had issues with the proposed ordinance and it was passed only with the proviso that staff would address the more problematic parts of it before bringing it back for a second reading.

I look forward to the second public hearing tonight to hear what New Port Richey residents think is an appropriate maximum number of pets in a household. I'm keeping an open mind, but I'm leaning toward "It's none of the city's business."

San Francisco was recently bashed in the media for criminalizing parakeet feeding. It would be a mistake for New Port Richey to follow suit by making criminals of fathers and daughters feeding the ducks around Orange Lake.

New Port Richey has far more important issues to deal with besides how many pets a person chooses to care for and whether a person chooses to feed the ducks at the park or set up a squirrel feeder. We should not attempt to criminalize and prosecute these matters.

The issue of cat colonies can be dealt with using capture, neuter and release techniques. Now is the time to figure out what this would cost and consider putting it into the budget for the new fiscal year that starts Oct. 1.

Rob Marlowe, council member

New Port Richey

Strays need contraception too

In a country that has sent men to the moon, why can't science develop a birth control drug that can be fed to strays to prevent pregnancy, which I consider the biggest problem animal friends face?

There are such contraceptive devices in the marketplace for humans, so why not for animals?

I don't believe that people who feed strays should be punished. Man's inhumanity to man is well documented, so inhumanity to animals needs to be addressed since animals are unable to speak for themselves.

D.G. Murray, New Port Richey

Fees bite into tax savings Aug. 5 story

How about downsizing?

Give with one hand and take away with the other. You really have to admire the county commissioners. They found they couldn't raise money like in past years, so they invent a new way of socking it to you: fees.

Has anyone in that group ever heard of downsizing or doing away with the fat? If they claim there isn't any, then they are truly a very superior group of folks and have the best-oiled machine in history.

Kind of makes you wonder how they will respond when the property tax proposal comes up for a public vote. I shudder to think. I may not be able to afford Pasco County.

Howard R. O'Neill, New Port Richey

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