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7/24/1964: Barry Bonds is born in Riverside, Calif.

6/7/82: The Giants pick Barry Bonds in the second round of the amateur draft, but the 18-year-old decides to enroll at Arizona State, which he leads to two NCAA titles.

6/3/85: The Pirates select Bonds with the sixth overall pick in the amateur draft. This time, he signs.

5/30/86: Bonds makes his major-league debut with the Pirates.

5/31/86: Records his first major-league hit, a double in the first inning off the Dodgers' Rick Honeycutt.

6/4/86: Hits his first major-league home run, a solo shot in the fifth inning off the Braves' Craig McMurtry.

7/12/90: Hits his 100th career homer off the Padres' Andy Benes.

10/12/90: Is left stranded on first after walking with one out in the ninth as the Reds beat the Pirates 2-1 and win the NL Championship Series in six games. He walks six times, is 3-for-18 in his first postseason series.

11/19/90: Wins his first National League MVP award, getting 23 of 24 possible first-place votes. (The other went to teammate Bobby Bonilla.)

1/31/92: Lands the largest-ever one-year deal, staying with the Pirates for $4.7-million.

12/8/92: Signs six-year, $43.75-million deal with Giants.

4/12/93: Hits home run in first at-bat at Candlestick Park.

8/7/2007: Hits his 756th home run to set baseball's all-time record.

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