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Published Aug. 10, 2007

NASCAR is at the midpoint with the Car of Tomorrow, which it designed to create better competition, increase safety and reduce operating costs. After eight of 16 scheduled races in the car, the garage reaction is varied:

On handling, driver Kevin Harvick said, "As we go, the handling of the car gets better and better."

But driver Matt Kenseth said: "When they're tight and don't turn, it's the easiest thing to drive; it's just boring and slow."

On the impact of the car, former crew chief Robbie Loomis said, "It's all going to become about the driver, about the engine."

But Kenseth replied, "If you can't really pass with the cars, it puts it more on getting off pit road first and track position."

F1 SPAT OVER?: Points leader Lewis Hamilton says he is not "at war" with McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso, and they are on speaking terms after their dispute at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

"We are both ambitious drivers who want to win," Hamilton said in a statement released by McLaren. "However, we are not drivers at war, as has been widely reported."

Hamilton initially refused to let Alonso by at the start of the final 15-minute qualifying session in Hungary, despite instructions to do so over the team radio. Alonso then impeded Hamilton in the pit lane, preventing him running another lap at full speed and winning the pole position.