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The NCAA's board of directors took no action on overriding a ban on coaches text messaging recruits, meaning it will remain in place until at least January's annual convention.

"The board of directors followed the advice of student athletes that text messaging be eliminated," Division I vice president David Berst said. "I think even then the board realized there might be a better solution than elimination, but we haven't seen any yet."

Among other proposals are allowing coaches to send text messages after recruits have signed a letter-of-intent. But Berst said he was against it.

"I think we're looking for a better answer than that," he said.

PITT: The father of quarterback Pat Bostick said his son will return to campus this weekend or early next week. Bostick, a freshman who was among the nation's top recruits and was challenging for the starting job, left Monday for an undisclosed personal issue. Pat Bostick Sr. said it did not involve being homesick, adding his son "needed some time to get in the right frame of mind."

UCLA: Receivers coach Eric Scott will not be charged in connection with a burglary last month. Prosecutors said witnesses and victims were unavailable or uncooperative.

WASHINGTON: Starting cornerback Jordan Murchison was released on $10,000 bail and faces a charge of felony assault. Police say on March 31, he beat up a man his girlfriend told him made unwanted advances. Arraignment is set for Aug. 16, and the senior remains suspended indefinitely.

MEN'S BASKETBALL: UCLA reserve forward James Keefe, who appeared in 32 games last season as a freshman, will have surgery for torn cartilage in his left shoulder. He was hurt during a pickup game. Recovery will take about four months.