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Ranking the bay area's football teams, with previous ranking in parentheses.

1. (1) Armwood (4-0)

Friday: beat No. 17 Newsome 42-3.

This week: at Jefferson.

I bet you could line up Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Gabrielle Union and Eva Longoria, and the Hawks could make even them look bad. At the very least, my theory should be tested. Please?

2. (2) Largo (3-0)

Thursday: beat No. 48 St. Petersburg 28-0.

This week: vs. Dunedin.

The Packers only scored four times against the Green Devils. If they hadn't scouted the game so thoroughly, that would have been a 7-0 contest. (Um ... kidding?)

3.(3) Hillsborough (4-0)

Friday: beat No. 12 Middleton 35-32.

This week: at Riverview.

Someone get me an updated schedule. I had no idea the Terriers' defense had its bye week Friday.

4. (4) Plant (3-1)

Friday: beat No. 9 Riverview 43-22.

This week: Bye.

Every game that Armwood plays, I grow more and more impressed ... with Plant and quarterback Aaron Murray.

5. (5) Northeast (4-0)

Friday: beat Bradenton SE 49-7

Next week: Bye.

I remember back before Jeff Brinson, when 300-yard games were rare. Now, everyone gets them, and sometimes more than one. When do I get mine?

6. (7) Ridgewood (3-0)

Friday: beat No. 27 Central 42-21

Next week: at Gulf.

Byronell Arline, who had 327 yards Friday, needs a nickname. I think I'll go with Big Daddy Delicious Destruction until I come up with something better.

7. (11) Dunedin (3-1)

Thursday:beat No. 26 Countryside.

This week: at Largo.

Okay, because I know you're going to ask: Dunedin is ahead of Boca Ciega because, while the Pirates won the season opener between the teams, the Falcons have looked great since, and Bogie has looked, well, eh. Put 'em in a room today, and I think the Falcons win. There. I said it.

8. (8) Boca Ciega (3-0)

Thursday: beat No. 35 Lakewood 12-3.

Next week: at St. Petersburg.

And you think my picks are bad? How about this comment from the blog: "Bogie is in for a beatdown! They barely got past Dixie. Pirates way overrated. Lakewood should make the top 10." I seem kind of normal now, don't I?

9. (13) Chamberlain (1-2)

Friday: beat No. 39 Blake 28-0.

Next week: vs. East Bay.

This one is for coach Billy Turner, who will read this and feel all warm and fuzzy inside, thus strengthening his heart and getting him back on the practice field. I don't just rank teams here, I heal people. It's what I do.

10. (14) Tarpon Springs (3-0)

Friday: Beat River Ridge 37-0.

Next week: vs. Countryside.

Only top 10 team that has beaten two teams not even in the Top 50. So that's not a ringing endorsement, but our top 10 teams keep losing, and the Spongers keep winning.

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