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But they make more than average pay here.

After several years of healthy raises, the salaries for county officeholders in Pasco County are going up by barely a blip. ¶ Base annual pay is going up 0.3 percent. Elected officials' pay went up 4 to 5 percent the previous two years.

By Florida law, county officeholders' salaries are set by a formula based largely on population, which grew in Pasco last year. But the Legislature also has a say in what state employees' wage increases are, and that factor was zero for 2007-08, said Steve O'Cain, a senior analyst with the Legislative Committee on Intergovernmental Relations.

That translates into $356 to $373 extra in base pay for most Pasco officeholders, including the sheriff, county commissioners and school superintendent. In previous years, they cleared $3,400 to $6,100 more in annual pay, depending on the job.

Fear not for their pockets, however. They're still making well above the average per capita pay in Pasco. The Florida Bureau of Business and Economic Research said that's $26,100 a year.

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Salaries by Pasco County elected office

Florida requires that county officials' base salaries be set using a formula mainly based on population. Officeholders can earn more if they meet certain extra requirements. Officeholders and their 2007-08 salaries:

Sheriff Bob White


School superintendent Heather Fiorentino*


Clerk of Courts Jed Pittman


Tax Collector Mike Olson


Property Appraiser Mike Wells


Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley


County Commissioners Michael Cox, Ann Hildebrand, Jack Mariano, Pat Mulieri, Ted Schrader


School Board members Allen Altman, Cathi Martin, Frank Parker, Kathryn Starkey, Marge Whaley


Beginning sheriff's deputy


Beginning teacher


* Fiorentino has not accepted the $374 raise pending the results of teacher contract negotiations this fall. Teacher pay is not set, either.

Source: Florida Legislative Committee on Intergovernmental Relations, Pasco Sheriff's Office, Pasco School Board