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You can bet on almost anything in the Super Bowl. Obviously, most will wager on who will win or the over-under. But check out some of the more obscure things you can bet on:

- How long will it take Jordin Sparks to sing the national anthem? (Over-under is 1:42.)

- How many times will Fox announcer Joe Buck mention Peyton Manning's name (Over-under is five.)

- Who will score more points Feb. 3, the Patriots or the Lakers' Kobe Bryant?

- Who will the MVP of the game thank first: teammates, God, family, coach, no one?

- Will Don Shula be on the field to shake Bill Belichick's hand after the game?

- Will an NFL player get arrested in Phoenix during Super Bowl week?

- What will be the call on the coin toss - heads or tails?

When the moon hits your eye

Maybe you don't care who wins the Super Bowl, but you should hope it's a high-scoring game. Papa John's is offering everyone in America 100 percent off of a pizza (with up to three toppings) if the Giants and Patriots combine to score 100 or more points. They will offer 75 percent off the same deal if the two teams combine to score 75 points. So that means a $15.99 pizza would cost you $3.99.

The odds of that happening? Not too good. Only three games in the history of the NFL have had more than 100 combined points. And only once in the previous 41 Super Bowls have the two teams combined for 75 points. That was in 1995, when the 49ers and Chargers combined for exactly 75 points in San Francisco's 49-26 victory in Super Bowl XXIX.

To sign up for the "TEXTra Points 4 Pizza" promotion, participants can text "POINTS" TO 47272 (4PAPA) or visit and register an online account. So far, more than 140,000 people have signed up.

Numberof the day

750,000 Pizzas Papa John's expects to sell on Super Bowl Sunday.

Inside Spygate

What Fox analysts Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson think about the "Spygate'' cheating controversy surrounding the Patriots:

Bradshaw: "They've earned every game. They beat the teams on the field. 'Spygate' from Week 1 is not even a thought as far as I'm concerned. Ever since the first week, I've learned from people in the NFL about how so many people do things like that and even Belichick had kicked the Jets' video staff off the sideline. It's not even a thought. It shouldn't be considered."

Johnson: "Having coached for nearly 40 years, I can sit and talk for days about all these types of stories and all the things that coaches have done. There really wasn't a whole lot there. I think the media made more out of it than they should have."