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Madonna's the richest music diva of them all

Forbes has named Madonna the richest woman in music, with the Material Mom earning $72-million between June 2006 and 2007.

Barbra Streisand was a distant second with $60-million, Celine Dion third with $45-million, Shakira took fourth with $38-million and Beyonce Knowles placed fifth with $27-million. Rounding out the top 10 are Gwen Stefani ($26-million), Christina Aguilera ($20-million), Faith Hill ($19-million), the Dixie Chicks ($18-million - but that's cheating because there are three of them) and Mariah Carey ($13-million).

Our dear Britney Spears is all the way at 14th with $8-million, making a killing off royalties and her fragrance line.

If you think Tom Cruise is the biggest supporter of Scientology, you'll be surprised to learn that Bart Simpson has that market cornered. says 50-year-old Nancy Cartwright, left, who has voiced the cartoon character for eleventy billion years, donated $10-million to the church last year, twice as much as Cruise, who gave $2.5-million in 2004 and another $2.5-million two years later.

Kirstie Alley matched that ante, but Ocala residents John Travolta and Kelly Preston could apparently only manage $1-million each. Hey, jet fuel is expensive these days.

Throwing in a mere $50k was Priscilla Presley. Wondering how Cartwright managed that $10-million sum? Well, she reportedly makes $250k per episode of The Simpsons, and with 22 episodes that equals a yearly salary of $5.5-million.

The oddball roundup

- Angelina Jolie remains coy about whether she's pregnant or not, with Us magazine saying she may sell the official confirmation to the highest bidder and give the money to charity. But Ange, honey, you see, every gossip glossy out there is already saying you are.

- Artist Daniel Edwards, famous for his sculptures of Britney Spears giving birth and a certain hotel heiress being autopsied, has created a bronze sculpture of a "curvaceous and robust" Oprah Winfrey called The Oprah Sarcophagus, TMZ reports. It's no Skinny Elvis stamp, that's for sure.

- And finally, Duane "Dog" Chapman is free from extradition efforts after a three-judge panel in Mexico ruled criminal charges for bounty hunting can't be reinstated against him, the AP reports. If only he could get his TV show back on the air ...

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