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There is plenty to do around New England's hotel. Around New York's ... well ... the entertainment is good.

GS: John, there is nothing like the sight of sunrise across the desert, is there? Of course, the beauty is somewhat muted when you are riding on a bus filled with sports writers on their way to ask questions about third down.

JR: Hard to say which is more remarkable, the majestic scenery of Arizona or the majestic blandness of the journalists.

GS: How about the majestic distance to the team hotels? Not saying it's a long way, but on our way to where the Patriots are staying, I think we passed your house.

JR: Hey, the Patriots got the better deal. There was a P.F. Chang's, a Cheesecake Factory, a Morton's Steakhouse and a lot of upscale shopping within 100 yards of their hotel in Scottsdale. The only thing I saw within 3 miles of the Giants hotel was a lot of cactus and some buzzards flying over Tiki Barber's reputation. I'm not even sure Domino's delivers in that area code.

GS: It used to, but the camels kept dying.

JR: Maybe this is a shrewd move on the part of the Giants. No distractions, no autograph hounds, no fun. Just the way Tom Coughlin likes it.

GS: Are you kidding me? These days, Coughlin is funnier than Carrot Top. Wait. There are dead camels who are funnier than Carrot Top. Coughlin is funnier than Chris Rock. I can't wait till his Comedy Central standup show.

JR: Are you buying the shtick?

GS: I do think Coughlin needed to lighten up. But if joking around was all it took to coach, then the Lombardi Trophy would be named after Rodney Dangerfield. I think the Giants are a talented team that got hot at the right time. And judging from their road record, they really, really love Marriott points.

JR: So today is the final day players are available for interviews. Any final questions for Tom Brady?

GS: Sure. I would like to ask his favorite six lottery numbers because it seems fairly obvious that heaven is in love with the guy and the angels may have tipped him off. So what are you going to ask Eli Manning?

JR: That's funny. That's exactly what I was going to ask - if he knew Brady's favorite lottery numbers.