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The leader of the Brooksville Brass Quintet hopes folks can work in some music appreciation time on you-know-what Sunday.

Mike Tranchida truly regrets the error.

He admits that when he was planning this Sunday's Brooksville Brass Quintet concert, he was unaware he was up against the biggest football day of the year.

He's hoping that people who enjoy the Super Bowl will take a short respite from their pregame football frenzy to stop by Christ Lutheran Church in Brooksville at 2:30 p.m. Sunday to give the ensemble a listen.

"Being a huge Miami Dolphins fan, I really should have known what day the Super Bowl was on," Tranchida said. "But by the time I realized what we were up against, it was too late. I'll make sure it never happens again."

Tranchida, a well-known trumpeter who has performed for nearly 20 years with bands and orchestral ensembles in Hernando and Pasco counties, said the idea of forming a quintet nine years ago had a lot to do with serving his own eclectic music tastes, which include everything from baroque to modern jazz. But what he found to be most enjoyable was the synergy that is created when similar instruments are brought together.

"The sound is almost choir-like," Tranchida said. "The nice thing is you can take music from just about any era and make it fit within the context of these instruments, and it sounds great."

Tranchida says audiences at the concert can expect everything from a Dixieland-inspired rendering of Amazing Grace to complex chamber pieces by Strauss and Tchaikovsky. The group, which includes original ensemble players Paul Furman (trombone) and Chris DeAngelis (tuba), plus Paul Farmer (trumpet) and Dave Helfrich (French horn), plans to mix in a couple of popular standards as well.

"I think it's important to show off the versatility of what a brass quintet can do," Tranchida said. "We do quite a bit of classical music, but we throw in Ain't Misbehavin' and other modern tunes to keep things interesting."

Despite the bad timing, Tranchida says the concert serves a worthwhile purpose by raising money for the Brooksville Music Club's scholarship program. Proceeds will go toward paying for private music lessons for Hernando County high school juniors and seniors who intend to make a career in music.

"It's for a good cause," Tranchida said. "That why I'm making this promise: We'll be done in plenty of time for the kickoff."

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Brooksville Brass Quintet

The Brooksville Music Club will host a concert featuring the Brooksville Brass Quintet at 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Christ Lutheran Church, 475 North Ave. W, Brooksville. An offering will be taken for the club's music scholarship fund. Call Louise at 796-1189 for information.