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Send us your big fish photos so everyone will believe you.

- Photos should be a minimum of 4 megabytes in size before jpeg compression. Most 2-megapixel or better digital cameras will produce a file of that size or better. When creating digital files from negatives or prints, adjust your scanner settings to create at least a 4-megabyte file.

- Adjust jpeg compression settings to high quality or better.

- Save all photos with the .jpg file xtension on the end.

- The file formats we will accept are .jpg, .sit (Stuffit) or .zip, with .jpg being the preferred format.

- Don't forget to include caption information that identifies all the people in the photo by first and last name. The caption should also include the type of fish, its length and weight, as well as the specifics of the catch (what bait was used, what location, etc.). And please include the name of the photographer along with contact information (phone number, e-mail, etc.) so we can properly credit the photo.

There are two ways to send photos:

- You can upload your digital photos at Then click on the "Great catch" link below the "For the Outdoors fan" heading.- You can also send photos through regular mail. Please send photos (no negatives or slides) that you do not need to be returned. Mail to: Rodney Page/Sports, The St. Petersburg Times, 490 First Ave. S, St. Petersburg, 33701.

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Web site of the month

This easy-to-use site breaks down knot usage into categories - among them boating, fishing, and Scouting. After choosing a category and a knot, the user can run an automatic step-by-step slide show of tying the knot. Each knot page has written directions for each frame as well as an explanation for the knot's usage, advantages and disadvantages.


Ask the experts

Got a question pertaining to one of Florida's great outdoors pursuits? E-mail it to and put "Q&A" in the subject field. We'll try to find an expert to provide an answer.