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Why has Hernando County gone through county administrators like children through socks?

It certainly is not the "negative attitude of the community," as cited in news articles or by departed administrators. That rationale fails to pass the common sense test or journalistic reporting in the newspapers. That the deputy county administrator has declined being a candidate for the vacancy is significant to the cause and effect of turnover in the position of county administrator.

The more probable cause for turnover of county administrators is the lack of collective senior leadership and management skills of the county commissioners. Senior leaders and managers take active roles in setting strategic vision and goals for the county and its work force. They set the tempo for administration of the county's operation and make the hard decisions.

The process for selection of the county administrator is one recent example of the shortfall in senior leadership. What guidance did the commissioners give to the interim county administrator and human resources director regarding the county administrator nomination and selection process? What guidance did the commissioners give to the search committee as to the desirable skill sets for the position of county administrator and scoring matrices of candidates? Have the commissioners established performance standards for the position of county administrator? If any of these actions were contemplated, recommended or taken, they have not been reported.

Current commissioners need to re-evaluate and future commissioners need to consider their roles and responsibilities inherent as senior leaders.

Thomas Deutschle, Weeki Wachee

Re: Simple solution to traffic problems- Jan. 16 letter

Realities of road cannot be ignored

This letter showed me, a person who observes and analyzes, that there are some flaws in the logic.

It is not possible to shove someone out of the way so that you can proceed at the rate of speed you choose. Drivers need to make left-hand turns to access restaurants or other establishments. Therefore, you will have slow traffic in the left lane - it's a part of urban living. It is unfair to heap total responsibility on one specific group.

Life is not as we would have it. We live in a crowded world and in an aging world. As this progresses, we all are going to be inconvenienced.

Do I enjoy being jammed up by someone who is unfamiliar with the Florida drivers' manual? No. Do I advocate giving special rights to this group? No.

What I say is we all need to be aware and go in peace.

The Rev. Robert L. Edgar, New Port Richey

Re: Brooksville Raid

Thanks for the Web site video

Thanks to the Times for posting video of the event on your Web site.

Speaking as a Civil War re-enactor, the short clip captured a glimpse of life in camp and also showed the events on the battlefield. (It was also great to see my husband on the field!)

Perhaps for a future video, a story on the women in camp and their role could be highlighted?

Sue Ellen Gehrke, 97th Pennsylvania Regiment, St. Petersburg