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While we cross our fingers and wait to hear that Heath Ledger's toxicology tests prove his death was only a tragic accident, Entertainment Tonight and The Insider have been trying to cash in on a grainy video taken more than two years ago showing the actor bumping rails at the Chateau Marmont and admitting to (gasp) smoking weed. The shows reportedly spent $200,000 to obtain the tape, but the New York Daily News says the show has backed off from airing the video after pressure from Hollywood hotshots - because they can't be trusted to rely on good taste, after all. On the tape, shot Jan. 26, 2006, Ledger tells his pals, "I'm going to get serious s--- from my girlfriend (Michelle Williams). We just had a baby three months ago." He also offers: "I used to smoke five joints a day for 20 years." Wow, since he was 6? That would put him on par with most of Southern California's teenagers, we'd think. But again, we fail to see how a video from 2006 says much of anything, since Ledger long ago admitted fighting drug addiction. Not every media outlet can be as scrupulous as The Juice*, we suppose.

Madge makes mint for ad

Yesterday we reported that Madonna was the richest woman in all the musical land. Today we report that the trend continues with Madge getting $10-million to appear in a Super Bowl commercial. E! Online says the singer and all-around rich girl will be in an ad campaign for Sunsilk hair-care products, including a fourth-quarter spot on Sunday. The killer part? It's not even new footage. The 30-second spot features stock images of Madonna, Shakira and Marilyn Monroe in a montage that features her tune Ray of Light. Her representative, Liz Rosenberg, was surprisingly silent about the issue. "I have not seen the commercial nor do I have any information on the financial part of the deal," she told E! News. Except the part where she gets a cut, that is.

Old guy updates

- Bill Cosby is working on a cleaned-up hip-hop album that will focus on issues like parenting, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, crime and education, reports. You mean those problems can't be solved by serving chocolate cake for breakfast?

- Paul McCartney is denying reports he had an angioplasty last year, calling media reports "entirely untrue," Reuters reports. The part about hating Heather Mills? That was true.

Montel says goodbye

Seventeen years ago, The Montel Williams Show arrived on the air to bring us such pressing stories as people being hypnotized in supermarkets and a medium channeling voices from beyond the grave (remember that old chestnut?). But the AP reports that CBS Television Distribution has announced it will no longer produce new episodes of the show. "I can't say thank you enough to those who've welcomed me into their homes for the past 17 years," the 51-year-old talk show host said. "It has been both an honor and a joy." CBS said it will give syndicated stations a year's worth of Best of Montel episodes, but after that, it's all over. At least he still has his 1996 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host.

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