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Published Feb. 4, 2008

It worked for a grilled cheese sandwich but not for a 7- by 7-foot slab of granite. An eBay auction to sell a piece of granite that some say showed Jesus on the cross ended Friday afternoon with no bids. More than 800 people viewed the item online and several called about it, but no one offered the starting bid amount of $4,999.99, said Tom Finkbiner, owner of the St. Petersburg iSoldit on eBay store, which handled the sale. But the Pinellas County granite distributor that owns the piece isn't giving up. He'll likely put it back up for sale. The grilled cheese with an image of the Virgin Mary sold for $28,000.

Cat call leads to drug arrest

Here's a little crime story that gives credence to the old saying, "Be careful what you ask for." A Bonita Springs man's cat was missing so he asked a passing Lee County deputy for help. The deputy smelled marijuana coming from the apartment, where the door was wide open. The deputy reported finding 34 grams of pot, several smoking pipes, rolling papers, a handheld scale and a digital scale in the man's apartment. The man was arrested and taken to jail, the Naples Daily News reports. No word on whether they found the cat.

Girl Scout robbed

Nine-year-old Gracie Smith was hawking cookies Thursday in front of her neighborhood Winn-Dixie in Palm Beach County when she was robbed. The Girl Scout was making change when a customer snatched her money-filled envelope, jumped into a car and sped away, the Palm Beach Post reports. Gracie turned to her mother and cried, "Mommy! She took all my money." The thief, who appeared to be a teenage girl in a hot pink hoodie, got away with about $164. Gracie was raising money for a sleepover trip to the Miami Seaquarium.