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More trends to spot this year, from Ann Mack, director of trendspotting at ad agency JWT.

- Start with staycations - stay-at-home vacations in lavishly appointed back yards.

- Eco-chic becomes eco-thrifty as we adopt green strategies to save money and enhance our homes' value.

- We'll start eating very locally, growing our own food out of concern about cost and quality.

- Our furniture will respond to tech gear and gadgets by providing places to hide cables or including built-in power strips.

- The growth industry: Become an e-clutter consultant to help people consolidate their electronics and organize their tech assets.

Roses are red, recycling is green

Red isn't the only valentine color. The one you love can love the Earth with a Greensender box: a fabric grocery bag, reusable water bottle, organic cotton T-shirt, compact fluorescent bulb, material on how they all spare the Earth. It's $50 from, where you'll find information on living lightly on the Earth.

Perfect your Super Bowl party

Super Bowl party tips for Sunday evening: Enlist one of the kids to refill chip and nacho baskets, put out more dip, pick up trash, replenish napkins. Provide amusements during the too-long, too-boring halftime show: card games, a laptop to check stats, or a foam football for instant replays.

Accessorizing idea to toss around

Does your living room have the midwinter blahs? Pump in some life with new throw pillows. This one, from Target ($19.99), is part of a line whose colors and designs match or mix with the store's spring lines of bedding, towels, place mats and kitchen towels.

Living Green Expo is returning

The Pinellas Living Green Expo, that showcase of products and services for those who want to live more sustainably, returns May 3 and 4 for its third year. It moves this year to the Harborview Center in downtown Clearwater. Details are at

Compiled by Times homes and garden editor Judy Stark