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For $25, get a great prank on someone you like (or don't) and help fight cancer.

She moves under the cover of darkness, a drive-by do-gooder.

Barbara Sessa, city clerk for the town of San Antonio, is heavily involved in raising money for Relay for Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Last year, her husband went outside one morning to get the newspaper and returned with a strange look on his face.

"There's a whole bunch of birds on our lawn," he said. Sessa went out and saw a sea of pink plastic flamingos and a note from the Relay for Life team in Zephyrhills. Sessa had been "flocked."

"And I caught the flocking fever," said Sessa, who went out and bought 16 plastic flamingos to do her own flocking.

Here is how it works: You think of someone who would think waking up to a bunch of plastic flamingos would be funny (or maybe someone who definitely would NOT think it's funny - that's up to you to take the wrath) and you call Relay for Life and give them a $25 donation.

Then, Sessa or other volunteers will make the hit during the night.

So far, a woman who just gave birth to a baby girl has been flocked - with one flamingo dressed as a stork, complete with a baby doll.

The nuns at the convent in St. Leo were flocked and thought it was enjoyable enough to pass on a flock to the president of Saint Leo University. Sessa thought she might have a problem flocking the president, as there are security guards there "to keep riffraff off the property."

But she and the flamingos made it past them.

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For information

To flock someone, call (352) 279-0487 or (352) 588-3553. For information about the San Antonio Relay for Life, call (352) 424-1694 or e-mail