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If I were president, what would I do? - Jan. 27, story

I understand that these children are simply responding in an emotional fashion as to what they would do as president. However, I had my 13-year-old son read the piece, and then I had him read Article 1, Section 8 and Article 2 of the Constitution and asked him to compare the responses of the children in the article to the actual law of the land. He and I agree that these children simply have no working concept of what is constitutionally allowable.

What is disturbing is the fact that most of these kids can probably trace their responses to what Mom and Dad say at home.

Kids, the U.S. government was never intended to be our parent or caretaker. What the government is allowed to do is based on constitutional law and not emotion. Instead of saying, "There ought to be a law," ask, "What laws ought to be repealed?"

Joe Haynes, Seminole

Homeless problem

Adopt a person

To all the do-gooders who are trying to solve the homeless problem: Take home a homeless person. Feed him, clothe him, get him a haircut and shave, help him find a job.

Why is it that people will go to animal shelters and adopt a pet and spend thousands on vet bills, yet refuse to take home a homeless person?

I support the vagrancy laws, and they need to be enforced.

If vagrants are alcoholics or drug addicts, they need to go to a treatment center. If these people have mental problems, they need to be in a supervised group home or institution. If they are homeless veterans, they need to be under the VA health care system.

There is no reason for these "homeless people" to be on the streets.

James McColeman, Clearwater