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The Giants may put up a good fight if they get off to a quick start. And here's to hoping Tom Petty stays clothed.

JR: I see you picked the Patriots to win today, you big sissy. I bet you picked Godzilla against Tokyo, too.

GS: Also, I picked the hare over the tortoise, Apollo Creed over Rocky and the Poseidon over Shelley Winters. I picked it because I believed it. And if I strapped you to a polygraph, Sir Phoney-Baloney, you believe it, too.

JR: Sir, you have attacked my integrity. Drop those onion rings, and choose a weapon.

GS: I thought onion rings were a weapon.

JR: Ah, you're right. Okay, why don't you just tell me why you made such a (hee hee) daring prediction?

GS: Because I don't think Tom Brady will be as ordinary as he was in the AFC title game. Because I don't think the Patriots defense will be as bad as it was in the first Giants game. And because giving Bill Belichick two weeks to get ready is like counting your lunch money in front of the neighborhood bully.

JR: I can buy all of that. But will you agree New York has the feel of a team that doesn't know it's not supposed to win? If they would have played this game without the week off, I think New York would have had a tremendous shot at an upset. As it is, I think it has a decent chance.

GS: Absolutely. They have handled this week well, and if they can hit a big play early, it's going to be a lot of fun to watch. Do you have a guy in mind who could be the unsung hero for the Giants?

JR: Ahmad Bradshaw has become a bigger factor in the postseason than he was in 16 regular-season games. He was injured when these teams met in Week 17, so I expect the Giants to find lots of wrinkles for him. How about you? Do you see New York's defense being able to hold the Patriots in the 24-point range?

GS: If the Giants are going to win, I think they have to. But, no, I don't. I think Wes Welker catches nine passes, and the Patriots score 30.

JR: Okay, on to more important matters. Who has the best commercial today? Justin Timberlake, Derek Jeter, Dale Earnhardt Jr. or the Gecko?

GS: Silly boy. That's not a Gecko. That's Peyton Manning. The guy needs some sun.

JR: My bad. How about the halftime show. Will we see Tom Petty's nipple?

GS: To quote Tom, "Don't do me like that."