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Here are of some of the largest private schools in Pinellas County:

Admiral Farragut Academy

501 Park St. N, St. Petersburg; enrollment: 410; preK-12; phone: 384-5500; Web site:

Allendale Academy Private School

7208 Amhurst Way, Clearwater; enrollment: 892; K-12; phone: 531-2481; Web site:

Annsworth Montessori Academy

5990 142nd Ave. N, Clearwater; enrollment: 226; preK-7; phone: 539-7926.

Blessed Sacrament Catholic School

11501 66th Ave. N, Seminole; enrollment: 232; K-8; phone: 391-4060; Web site:

Calvary Christian High School

110-A N McMullen-Booth Road, Clearwater; enrollment: 248; 9-12; phone: 449-2247; Web site:

Canterbury School of Florida

Hough Campus (preK-4), 1200 Snell Isle Blvd. NE, St. Petersburg, and Knowlton Campus (grades 5-12), 990 62nd Ave. NE, St. Petersburg; enrollment: 430; phone: 525-1419; Web site:

Clearwater Academy International

801 Drew St.; enrollment: 270; preK-12; phone: 446-1722; Web site:

Clearwater Central Catholic High School

2750 Haines Bayshore Road; enrollment: 625; 9-12; phone: 531-1449; Web site:

Countryside Christian Academy

1850 McMullen-Booth Road, Clearwater; enrollment: 121; preK-8; phone: 799-1618; Web site:

Dunedin Academy Preparatory School

1408 County Road 1; enrollment: 228; preK-12; phone: 733-9148; Web site:

Espiritu Santo Catholic School

2405A Philippe Parkway, Safety Harbor; enrollment: 548; preK-8; phone: 812-4650; Web site:

First Christian Academy

2795 Keystone Road, Tarpon Springs; enrollment: 200; preK-7; phone: 943-7411; Web site:

First Lutheran School

1644 Nursery Road, Clearwater; enrollment: 187; pre-K-8; phone: 461-3444; Web site:

Grace Lutheran School

4301 16th St. N, St. Petersburg; enrollment: 308; preK-8; phone: 527-6213; Web site:

Guardian Angels Catholic School

2270 Evans Road, Clearwater; enrollment: 419; K-8; phone: 799-6724; Web site:

Holy Family Catholic School

250 78th Ave. NE, St. Petersburg; enrollment: 293; preK-8; phone: 526-8194; Web site:

Indian Rocks Christian School

12685 Ulmerton Road, Largo; enrollment: 969; preK-12; phone: 596-4321; Web site:

Keswick Christian School

10101 54th Ave. N, St. Petersburg; enrollment: 632; preK-12; phone: 393-9100; Web site:

Lakeside Christian School

1897 Sunset Point Road, Clearwater; enrollment: 249; K-12; phone: 461-3311; Web site:

Lutheran Church of the Cross Day School

4400 Chancellor St. NE, St. Petersburg; enrollment: 440; preK-8; phone: 522-8331; Web site:

New Horizons Country Day School

2060 Nebraska Ave., Palm Harbor; enrollment: 200; preK-5; phone: 785-8591; Web site:

Northside Christian School

7777 62nd Ave. N, St. Petersburg; enrollment: 775; preK-12; phone: 541-7593; Web site:

Oldsmar Christian School

650 Burbank Road; enrollment: 267; K-12; phone: (813) 855-5746; Web site:

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

730 San Salvador Drive, Dunedin; enrollment: 318; preK-8; phone: 733-3776; Web site:

Our Savior Lutheran School

5843 Fourth Ave. S., St. Petersburg; enrollment: 177; preK-8; phone: 344-1026; Web site:

Palm Harbor Montessori Academy

West Lake campus, 2355 Nebraska Ave., Palm Harbor, and East Lake campus, 1961 East Lake Road, Palm Harbor; enrollment: 245; preK-8; phone: 786-1854 (West Lake) and 781-8980 (East Lake); Web site:

Sacred Heart Interparochial School

7951 46th Way N, Pinellas Park; enrollment: 207; preK-8; phone: 544-1106; Web site:

Safety Harbor Montessori Academy

2669 McMullen-Booth Road, Clearwater; enrollment: 205; preK-8; phone: 724-1767; Web site:

St. Cecelia Interparochial School

400 S Hillcrest Ave., Clearwater; enrollment: 510; grade range: preK-8; phone: 461-1200; Web site:

St. John Vianney Catholic School

500 84th Ave., St. Pete Beach; enrollment: 181; preK-8; phone: 360-1113; Web site:

St. Jude Cathedral School

600 58th St. N, St. Petersburg; enrollment: 481; preK-8; phone: 347-8622; Web site:

St. Patrick Catholic School

1501 Trotter Road, Largo; enrollment: 180; preK-8; phone: 581-4865; Web site:

St. Paul Catholic School

1900 12th St. N, St. Petersburg; enrollment: 331; preK-8; phone: 823-6144; Web site:

St. Paul's School

1600 St. Pauls Drive, Clearwater; preK-8; phone: 536-2756; Web site:

St. Petersburg Catholic High School

6333 Ninth Ave. N; enrollment: 680; 9-12; phone: 344-4065; Web site:

St. Petersburg Christian School

2021 62nd Ave. N; enrollment: 577; K-8; phone: 522-3000; Web

St. Raphael Catholic School

1376 Snell Isle Blvd. NE, St. Petersburg; enrollment: 233; preK-8; phone: 821-9663; Web site:

Shorecrest Preparatory School

5101 First St. NE, St. Petersburg; enrollment: 1,000; preK-12; phone: 522-2111; Web site:

Skycrest Christian School

129 N Belcher Road, Clearwater; enrollment: 386; preK-8; phone: 797-1186; Web site:

Wellington School

Seminole campus, 8000 Starkey Road, and St. Petersburg campus, 5175 45th St. N; enrollment: 350; preK-8; phone: 397-4565 (Seminole), and 528-8717 (St. Petersburg); Web site: