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Published Feb. 11, 2008

Living in unincorporated Pasco County means I'm already enjoying one of the lowest property tax rates around. Now, I get to look forward to my huge savings which is estimated to average Floridians $240 per year.

Removing the school millage leaves me with a tax rate of 7.3 mills, so my annual property tax savings will be $184. I also itemize my federal income taxes so that means Uncle Sam will get an extra 25 percent of my savings which is $46. Therefore, my true savings under Amendment 1 is a whopping $138.


T. Chaltry, Trinity

Vote will count only if you cast it - Jan. 24 letter

Primary processnow obsolete?

I do not consider myself particularly politically astute, but some issues leap out at me. Alison Morano, chairman of the Pasco Democratic Executive Committee writes "the presidential primary represents a state-by-state declaration of candidate preference.'' Further, "the only time your vote does not count is when you don't cast one.''

This is an amazing choice of words. Over the past four decades, I believed that my vote would be considered in their determination of the winner of the primary. The delegations to the national convention would then be committed to the candidates selected by vote of the people (recognizing, of course, that states may have different rules governing the commitment of delegates). If Florida delegates will not be seated at the national convention, how can I possibly be represented? Stated differently, of what value is my vote?

Chairman Morano's letter further states, "This year, Florida's vote will echo throughout the rest of the nation.'' How can this be true when there is no one at the convention to speak for us?

I am a lifelong Democrat. However, I believe that I have been disenfranchised and perhaps no longer have a party. It is inconceivable to me that the national committee has the authority to dictate to residents of any state the seating or not seating of delegates. Perhaps, it is time to completely rethink the primary election process and the role of the national committee.

Joe Heberle, New Port Richey

Let's get priorities on revenue right

Are we really going to cut fire, schools, police, parks and other public programs so we can spend what could easily be over $8-million on a tennis stadium the public will have limited access to and the primary beneficiaries will be the owners of hotel stocks?

We don't need more hotels in Wesley Chapel and we certainly don't have any national treasures that we need to share with the world. I will not vote for a county commissioner who thinks I prefer tennis over police.

Michael Bradley, Spring Hill

Editor's note: The tourist tax revenues used to finance the tennis stadium cannot be spent on law enforcement or other purposes outside of tourism-related activities.

Sinkhole coverage confusing details

My turn to sound off on the current fiasco concerning insurance coverage for the single-family home.

At present, the insurance on my home includes sinkhole coverage, and the policy is with Citizens Property Insurance Corp. The cost of the yearly premium, May 1, 2007, through May 1, 2008, was $1,946. I state the figure as I believe for the most part, close to the average for the home I own in Spring Hill.

I have received a letter of notice dated Jan. 16, 2008, from Citizens, informing me of an additional charge of $914, "based upon the average premium for your county. The actual cost will differ for each policyholder depending on specific coverage." This additional charge would be incurred should I desire sink hole coverage. Nothing is stated what the cost for the premium year, May 1, 2008, to May 1, 2009, would be.

Question: How much of a saving would there be less sinkhole coverage or how much of an overall increase if sinkhole coverage is included? Finally, will someone please stand up and in plain, simple English explain where we are? Is that too much to ask for or do we all join the wagon train going, going, gone?

Irv Jacobson, Spring Hill

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