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Who knew Wonder Woman had super strength, a magic lasso and good vocal cords?

Lynda Carter is in town Tuesday for a performance - yes, she sings - at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Recently, she called from her home near Washington, D.C., to talk about how lame the invisible jet really was and other things.

Who do you think should play the next Wonder Woman?

I think it should be a person that is young and fresh and has a kind of goodness about her and could show vulnerability. All the rest of it is there: the costume, the stunts. So I think it should probably be an unknown. (Editor's note: Carter may have her wish; it is reported that Australian model turned actor Megan Gale has won the part in George Miller's Justice League of America; production is currently on hold because of the writers strike.)

How did you stay so, well, perky in that costume? Did they have Wonderbras?

You know, the designer of this costume basically constructed a bustier with a bottom. It really wasn't that uncomfortable. I just had to watch that I didn't have any creeping-up cellulite.

You started off as a singer, and toured with rock bands. Not many people know that.

We were just a little touring band. The guys wore bell bottoms and big hair. It was in '69. But down the line, I played all over the world in great big venues after I got famous and Wonder Woman vaulted me into being a recognizable person.

You're 56. How do you keep in shape?

I just took up sculling a couple of years ago, and I love that. Sculling is like crew, these long, skinny boats that you see in the Olympics. I bike and play tennis and ski. This year, snowblading. I Rollerblade. I swim. And then I work out three times a week with a trainer. And the rest of the time, I do cardio. I'm not in my 20s, so I have to try to keep in shape more for my health and so that clothes fit. I'm not trying to be an itty bitty skinny thing.

Did you ever have hanky-panky in the invisible jet?

I don't even know why people remember the invisible jet. It was used like three times and it was so stupid.

It's all over YouTube.

Oh my god. It looked like they stuck a bus seat in the middle of it. Anyway, it was a blue screen, so I never really saw it. It was really invisible.

So no hanky-panky?

(long sigh) No hanky-panky, generally speaking, when there's a room full of guys all scratching their heads. Now, off the set, it happens all the time, but not with me. I think people were too afraid of me.

Why's that?

I don't know. No one ever flirted with me. I just never really had a lot of dates. Isn't that weird? But even through high school, it was a general thing. That's my sob story and I'm sticking to it.

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Lynda Carter

The erstwhile Wonder Woman performs a variety of pop and Broadway hits at 1 p.m. Tuesday at Ruth Eckerd Hall, 1111 McMullen-Booth Road, Clearwater. Tickets $16-$20. Call (727) 791-7400 or go to