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Authorities say the boy had not been getting along with his father.

A 15-year-old boy who had not been getting along with his father shot and killed his parents and two younger brothers as they slept in their suburban Baltimore home, then waited more than 24 hours before calling police, authorities said Sunday.

Nicholas Waggoner Browning killed his family Friday, and spent the rest of the night and Saturday with friends, before returning and reporting that he had found his father's body, police said.

Browning was arrested Sunday after he admitted to the slayings, Baltimore County Police spokesman Bill Toohey said.

Browning was charged as an adult with four counts of first-degree murder in the slayings of his father, lawyer John Browning, 45; his mother, Tamara, 44; and his brothers, Gregory, 13, and Benjamin, 11.

On Friday night, the teenager went into the house after other family members had gone to sleep and shot each of them. His father's handgun had been in the house, police said.

After the slayings, he threw the handgun into bushes near the house, police said. The gun was recovered.

When the friends took him back to his house at 5 p.m. Saturday, Browning went into the house and came back out to say that his father was dead. Browning then called 911.

He was denied bail, and a bail review hearing was set for today.

A classmate, Liz Lazlawbach, 17, said Browning complained about fighting with his father, but "not about anything violent."

John Browning was a Boy Scout leader and a partner in a law firm focusing on real estate law and commercial and corporate law.