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Published Sep. 14, 2009

From the Giants

To the unbeaten '72 Dolphins: "Thanks for supporting us. Your record stands for another year, I guess."

Chris Snee, guard, after ending the Patriots' attempt at a perfect season.

On halting perfection: "We're about to start popping our own bottles and join them."

Kawika Mitchell, linebacker and former USF player.

On the final drive: "We just hung in there on offense, kept executing. It came down to one play and we made it."

Plaxico Burress, Giants receiver, who caught a 13-yard touchdown for the winning score with 35 seconds left.

On Burress, who predicted a win: "Congratulations to Plaxico. I think he might have a second career."

Antonio Pierce, linebacker

On the 32-yard pass play from Eli Manning to David Tyree on the final drive: "The escape by Eli and the catch by David Tyree were amazing. That ball was challenged. He had two people ripping for the ball. That might be one of the greatest play of all-time in the Super Bowl."

Tom Coughlin, coach

From the Patriots

On the Giants' play: "They played well. They made some plays. We made some plays. They just made a few more. We played as hard as we could. We just couldn't make enough plays."

Bill Belichick, coach

On seeing a perfect season ruined: "We had an opportunity to be special, and we let it slip away. We came so close to being special. Now, we're second class." Richard Seymour, defensive lineman

"It's not worth talking about now. It's over. It didn't happen."

Tedy Bruschi, linebacker

From the Dolphins

On being the only team to achieve perfection: "What I learned today is how tough it is to go undefeated. That's why I'm even more proud of our '72 team than I've ever been. It shows it's a tremendous accomplishment. It hadn't been done before we went undefeated and it hasn't been done since."

Don Shula, coach of the 1972 team that went 17-0