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Editor's note: The following is a recap of the week's news events, in the words of the newsmakers.

"This flier is flat-out wrong and appears designed to intentionally mislead."

Beth Leytham, spokeswoman for Covanta, the company that runs Pasco County's garbage incinerator. The flier, backed by a company that wants to develop a private landfill in eastern Pasco, attacked the idea of expanding the incinerator.

"I know Jesse didn't go out without a fight. He knows I'm going to find them. Lorraine always does. I'm the nasty ex-wife."

Lorraine Lohr, whose 29-year-old former husband, Jesse Lohr, was found murdered in Moon Lake.

"They told me if I could come to every hearing, he would leave prison in a pine box."

Simone King, as she left a Florida Parole Commission hearing on Wednesday. Every five years she accompanies her father, Robert LaPlante, to Tallahassee to make sure Henry Thomas Ashley does not get released from prison. Ashley, now 64, killed LaPlante's 19-year-old son Richard and four other people in New Port Richey 38 years ago.

"If we incentivize our developers to build along existing infrastructure or use site plans that use a lot of green space, we can offer something to help them, like cut impact fees or something along those lines."

Rich Jenkins, a Republican from Hudson who announced he is running for a seat on the County Commission.

"They're still back in the '70s. They need to come into the mid 21st century."

Sheriff Bob White, renewing his argument that the County Commission does not adequately fund his department.

"We're back in the '70s? Hey, we've advanced - we were a Third World country."

Commissioner Ann Hildebrand, referring to a statement Sheriff White made in 2006 while complaining about his budget.

"I'd take phony over grumpy any day."

Connie Podesta, a motivational speaker and comedian who spoke at the kickoff luncheon for the annual Business Development Week. She was advising workers to stay upbeat even when they feel miserable at work.