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Published Feb. 15, 2008

Knight's legacy:

"He graduated his players but never once faced NCAA violations. He won more games than any in the history of the game, and he really did it, as Frank Sinatra said, My Way. That epitomized Bob Knight.

"To me, what he did at Texas Tech was really special because it is so difficult (there); itÕs not a basketball hotbed, and to compete with Kansas and Oklahoma and Texas in the Big 12 is so, so difficult, and sometimes that leads to frustration and leads to situations where you just get worn out. I donÕt know it (havenÕt talked to him yet), but itÕs my gut feeling (thatÕs why he resigned now).

"I know what a competitor he is. I know how badly he wants to be the best. I told him on numerous occasions, 'Bob, what youÕre doing is so special, winning 20 games (there).Õ But it was never enough. He wants to cut the nets down.

"I donÕt think this would have happened if ... his son wasnÕt anointed already as the coach.Õ

Will the game ever see another coach like Knight?

"No. HeÕs unique. HeÕs just about getting in the gym, rolling up the sleeves and busting your gut. ... HeÕs from the old school, and it made no difference if youÕre a superstar or the last kid on the team. He was going to bust your gut every day."