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Wrongheaded remark warrants swift apology Feb. 3, editorial

I had to do a quick check Sunday morning to make sure it was the Pasco Times of the St. Petersburg Times that I was reading. After all, here was an editorial that was actually taking U.S. Rep. Virginia Brown-Waite to task for more of her arrogant actions.

Brown-Waite once again demonstrates her cowardly, bullying behavior by refusing to acknowledge the vast number of Puerto Rico and Guam citizens who are entitled to the rights and privileges afforded by the U.S. government.

I served in the military with many of those "foreign citizens" and they deserve more than Brown-Waite's blatant dismissal.

I have yet to determine if the arrogance and ignorance of Brown-Waite comes from her New York roots or from her believing she is somehow not accountable to the citizens of the United States and the constituents of this district.

Brown-Waite has no idea what the top concern of most of the constituents here might be. As one who does not fall for her flavor-of-the-month political squawking, I obviously have been removed from her mailing list - which is not a bad thing.

I believe Brown-Waite and Charlie Keller both are bereft of any cultural awareness, political ethics or genuine interest in truly representing the citizens of this district and those of the United States. And if they disagree with that, then I say they are just "nitpicking."

Bob Dodd,Dade City

Keep trash talking out of incinerator debate - Jan. 30, editorial

Recycling firm clarifies position

Your recent editorial raised important points. However, we were judged against standards not applied to other stakeholders in the debate. More importantly, it seems to make the case we are against the incinerator as it currently exists; nothing could be further from the truth.

When the incinerator was constructed in the early 1990s, it was the best technology available and it must be part of the matrix to deal with Pasco's solid waste challenges - its capacity is vital. But technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in autos, computers, and, yes, solid waste processing and disposal. So, if we are going to add solid waste capacity, let's make sure it is with the most advanced technology that protects the environment and our wallets.

The characterization that we took a page from political campaigns and went negative has been very selectively applied. The Web site of the organized opposition, who by their title advocate incineration, is entirely devoted to attacking our project. Yet, we have not heard a peep out of the Times. The first sentence of their home page is an obvious falsehood and it goes downhill from there. Where, we ask, is the balance?

Anyone interested in learning about our technology can visit, and we continue to accept invitations to appear before civic groups interested in learning about our proposal so they can intelligently weigh all the options.

The Times mentioned additional scrutiny and we welcome it. The project review by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is among the most rigorous in the nation, and our precious environment deserves nothing less. We have compared and contrasted our proposed project against alternative solid waste disposal proposals in dozens of presentations before hundreds of Pasco residents; this in no way is new.

The debate on this issue has gotten quite intense and for any part we have played in it reaching this point, we apologize.

Dominic Iafrate, vice president

Angelo's Recycled Materials

No-parking rule must be enforced

Whenever we drive into subdivisions such as Embassy Hills, there is a sign posted stating there is to be "no street parking at any time.'' What I would like to know is why, then, do I have a hard time driving to my house because of inconsiderate homeowners who insist on parking, working and even washing their cars/trucks while parked on the sidewalk/street?

The Sheriff's Office has been called asking why tickets are not issued and drivers warned. The answer I received was no answer at all. So now I am asking the public: What will it take? Will it take our kids getting killed because drivers cannot see them playing behind these parked cars?

I really want to know because I have seen police cars having to stop to allow traffic to pass by because two cars cannot get past these cars at the same time. I live on a street in Embassy where a small cluster of homeowners insist on blocking the street and not every once in while because of a party or football game. It is every day.

Pasco Sheriff Bob White, do your job and insist your officers ticket these cars. Law-abiding citizens, call Bob White and insist these violators be ticketed. I do not want to see an ambulance coming for a child hit by a car because of these inconsiderate homeowners.

Joe Everhart,Port Richey