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Published Feb. 15, 2008

The people of St. Petersburg have an important choice: to remain an arts city or become a baseball city.

I attended the Jan. 26 Tchaikovsky concert at the Mahaffey Theater and parked in the garage. I came to the realization that should the new stadium be built, I would not attend a concert at the Mahaffey the night of a baseball game.

What I have always considered a pleasant evening would become a nightmare in competing for a parking space and exiting at 10 p.m. when night games conclude.

Baseball schedules are set by the league and as such are inflexible. The Mahaffey would be forced to schedule events on nights the Rays are not in town.

It would also have to schedule around other events that may take place at the new stadium.

The future of the Mahaffey and the Florida Orchestra in St. Petersburg would be in jeopardy if the new stadium takes over the city.

Charles Bryan, South Pasadena

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