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Democracy in action

It was 6:30 a.m., and people excited about casting their Super Tuesday vote lined up outside the 53rd Street School in Milwaukee, according to radio station WTMJ-620 AM. But when the polls weren't open, they became confused. At least until someone told them that Wisconsin wasn't among the states voting on Super Tuesday. "We were listening to the news, and I figured that (Super Tuesday) included Wisconsin," said Ethel Goodwin, one of the 10 or so people who were waiting. "Probably, I just misunderstood." The nice people at the school told them that they were a little early. "As far as they knew, it's going to be Feb. 19," Goodwin said. And they were right. Goodwin says she'll be back that day. At 6:30 a.m.

Street justice

To harass a perv, first find a perv

One of the reasons it is best not to take the law into your own hands is that, so many times, people just don't pay attention to details. Take for instance the case of the angry neighbors in Evansville, Ind., who decided to harass a registered sex offender. They started a fire in a trailer full of cleaning equipment in the driveway, and wrote "Get out perv" on the door. But there was no perv living there. Police think they meant to harass a man who lives nearby and was recently arrested for sharing lewd photos online with a police officer he thought was a teenage girl. Whoops.

The widowmaker

Woman is on hunt for husband 16

Tishrin, Syria's state-run newspaper reports that a woman named Noora, age and current last name unknown, is looking for a husband. She isn't really looking for someone to take walks on the beach with or anything. Noora tends to like men who are rich and close to death. She has been married 15 times. Divorced once, and widowed 14 times. At one point, she went through 10 husbands in the span of two years. Her most recent husband died after a little more than three months of wedded bliss, and while his family hasn't even told her how he died yet, Noora has declared herself back on the market.

Church business

Prayer is right price at Croatian cafe

Business is booming at a coffee shop in Zagreb, Croatia, ever since it stopped accepting money as a form of payment and began charging prayers for its drinks. Want a cappucino? That will be four "Our Fathers." The most expensive drink on the menu at Jedro cafe is a Coke, which is five "Hail Marys." The Croatian newspaper Vjesnik reports that the cafe now has so many customers that they had to increase from five tables to 20. The cafe is financed by a local parish.

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"John Edwards said that even though he is out of the presidential race, he still cares for the little people. And to prove it, he had lunch with Dennis Kucinich."

Jay Leno, host of The Tonight Show