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Published Feb. 6, 2008

Nothing good in life is free. Apple Inc. updated its iPhone and iPod Touch lineup Tuesday, doubling the memory and setting a new premium price for its high-end models. The latest iPhone features 16 gigabytes of memory and retails for $499. The previously released 8 GB version of the hybrid cell phone, multimedia player and wireless Internet device costs $399. The new iPod Touch comes with 32 GB of memory and retails for $499. The older 16 GB and 8 GB versions of the combination multimedia player wireless Internet gadget cost $399 and $299, respectively. The new devices are available through Apple's online and retail stores. The updated iPhone is also available through AT&T Inc.'s online and retail stores.

Picture within ad will cost Ryanair

A Paris court ruled Tuesday that Irish low-cost airline Ryanair must pay French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni, $88,975 for an advertisement featuring a photo of the couple. Sarkozy and Bruni filed separate lawsuits that were heard together in a court session in Paris, seeking damages for Ryanair's use of the image for commercial purposes without permission. Sarkozy asked for a symbolic 1 euro - the equivalent of $1.47 - in damages, which the court granted. The court also ordered Ryanair to pay Bruni the equivalent of $88,974, less than the $741,450 she had sought. Thierry Herzog, an attorney for the couple, said Bruni had decided to donate the court award to Restos du Coeur - a network of charity soup kitchens well-known in France. Herzog called the ruling satisfactory.

MySpace program keeps users at site

It's all about making it easy. MySpace users will be able to add games, e-mail services and other features from outside developers without ever leaving the site under a new program the popular online community will fully launch next month. MySpace already allows users to customize their personal profile pages. But they generally must go off the site, grab the lines of programming code they're interested in and cut and paste that into their profiles. Now, users will be able to add those features to their personal pages more directly. Under the MySpace Developer Platform, an outside e-mail provider can write a program that sits on the personal home page users see when they log on. Users can check for new messages right there.

Kodak says sensor improves photos

If only Ansel Adams had a cell phone. Eastman Kodak Co. has developed an image sensor that greatly improves the quality of pictures and video captured by camera phones. The technology could be incorporated in mobile phones and other smaller point-and-shoot cameras as early as winter, the photography company said. "Most camera phones - ever though there's 700-million or so produced every year - unfortunately still behave like toy cameras," said Fas Mosleh, a marketing director in Kodak's image sensor business. "The pictures usually come out dark and fuzzy, and video clips are full of unwanted noise and blurriness." The KAC-05020 Image Sensor, the world's first 1.4-micron, 5-megapixel chip, is at least doubly sensitive to light than current devices.


"We feel like we are off to a very good start this year. We are basically running the business today as if it's behind us." David Novak, CEO of Yum! Brands Inc., the owner of the Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC restaurant chains, in seeing a turnaround at Taco Bell in the United States after past E. coli and rodent incidents hurt sales.