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Bishop Moore wins handily, bringing Jose Montelongo's career to a close.

Orlando Bishop Moore finished ripping through Pasco County on Tuesday, officially ending soccer season on the North Suncoast.

The Hornets were last seen whipping through W.F. Edwards Stadium where they left a wake of Pirates to ponder a 4-1 season-ending loss in the semifinal. At last check, Hudson was still trying to figure out what happened in a 7-1 loss to the Hornets in last week's quarterfinal.

Pasco (20-6-2) came out firing in its third straight state semifinal and seemed up to the task of downing Bishop Moore (18-5-4). The Pirates appeared superior with bigger bodies and powerful shooting. But the Hornets knew about Pasco's top players and paid particular attention to senior Jose Montelongo, marking him with junior George Giebel. When that didn't work, Hornets coach Mark Keymont switched to sophomore Alex Icardi.

"If I didn't make that change things could have been different," Keymont said. "We knew we could go at their back guys and their goalie and we would have a chance if we went at them."

The Pirates heard a lot about the Hornets' speed, but to experience it was another matter.

Bishop Moore scored three unanswered goals, including the winner from midfielder Mark Keymont, one of his two, with less than 12 minutes before halftime for a 2-1 lead.

Pasco had plenty of offensive opportunities but could only cash in on a goal by midfielder Roman Farias to tie it at 1.

Beyond the end of Pasco's season was the finish of arguably Pasco County's greatest player in Montelongo. He leaves Pasco with the county's career record in goals scored (143) and the school's single-season record with 48, breaking the mark of 45 he set as a sophomore. Montelongo hopes to continue his career at Saint Leo next fall.

"They marked Joe up well," Pasco coach Barry Grayling said. "The first 15 minutes it could have been a different game, but it wasn't. The team that puts the ball in the back of the net goes to the next round. That wasn't us."